TeeJet Technologies is a leader in spraying, fertilizing and seeding application, putting crop protection right where it’s needed… and nowhere else. In an industry filled with heavy equipment, satellite guided tractors and advanced chemistries, a “little” nozzle can be the great equalizer.

Choose your weapon

Over-application is wasteful. Under-application reduces efficacy. Reapplication is costly. Drift carries investment away and adversely affects surrounding fields. Crop, chemistry, climate, equipment and terrain impact application efficacy, so we made easy, expert nozzle selection a campaign cornerstone.

Co-op distributors armed with point-of-purchase displays and promotional materials provided a vital link to the market, serving as an intermediary for our expertise and offering.

Our campaign cut-to-the-chase, targeting farmers’ biggest pain points. From the United States to Russia, Africa and across South America, universal themes and iconography bridged language barriers, making it easy for customers to take a tip from TeeJet.