After the college ride is over and the thrill of graduation passes, will you remember your alma mater by their enrollment numbers or graduation rate? Of course not. The value of higher education should be measured by how many lives a degree positively impacts, not by percentages on paper.

When Chamberlain University approached us to launch a magazine celebrating the impact their students, faculty and alumni have on communities around the globe, we jumped right in!

Sometimes the best recruitment message comes from past experiences, not wishful thinking filled with bells and whistles aimed purely to grow enrollment. It’s about real-life accomplishments and how that translates for future classes. It provides verifiable proof and a genuine vision for prospective students to aim for. Their goal is not to be students, but to take their higher education, higher.

The Chamberlain Magazine was a labor of love delivered both electronically and digitally that our team was thrilled to contribute to every part of the development.

Stories drove layout and design, but the layout and design also guided the stories. Our creatives achieved beyond catchphrases, slogans and logos, bringing the brand to life in tangible ways. So much so that even online students prefer the printed, paper version of the magazine.

The truest measure of success is not in what you offer, but in the outcomes you provide. As the only national nursing college, Chamberlain’s scale and geographic reach alone make it uniquely positioned to help the nursing professional to deliver quality healthcare specifically to the areas and populations where it’s needed most.

We focused on diversity in all its forms, spotlighting the good work accomplished by students, faculty and alumni in the classroom, in the profession and in their community.

It’s always an honor when the companies you partner with and promote are legitimately making a positive impact on people and the community.